Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Wheezy Waiter Teleports Home

About dang time that Wheezy Waiter finally put up a new video. He was having so much time having chuckles and giggles in L.A. for VidCon that he almost forgot about us, but lucky for us (mostly lucky for him), he blinked himself, almost in an I Dream Of Jeannie-like fashion back home to Chicago. Actually I guess it would properly be called "I Dream Of Wheezy", but the though of Wheezy wearing a harum suit... well, I really don't want to plant that image in your brain.

Also, he mentions that he wants to present next time if there is a VidCon 2.0 (that would be AWESOME) and tells John & Hank Green that he is putting his name forward, I guess to do a Question and Answer thingy. Expect explosions and a lot of winks. If he's going to be on the menu (sorta sounds like we would be eating Wheezy - I get a drum stick!), I'll definitely be attending. Both Hank and John Green have been quoted as saying they would like to put on another VidCon (Yea!) even though this experience was very tiring.

One person I sort of expected to see upon Wheezy's return was Ty The Regular Guy, but after all the havoc he created in the last video by unbuttoning his collar (Ty can morph into such a wild man in Wheezy's absence), Ty probably cleared out just before Wheezy blinked home.

In case you don't know, Wheezy also tweeted that he was leaving his job and was going to be doing videos fulltime (awesome) and recently crossed the 100K subscriber level. He's actually up to 112,680 subs. So this is good news for fans of this quirky dude. If you want to follow him on twitter, you can stalk..., I mean follow, him at wheezywaiter.

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