Sunday, July 11, 2010

Directors Ridley Scott, Kevin Macdonald Looking For Youtubers For Documentary

Word is that acclaimed film directors Ridley Scott and Kevin Macdonald want to tap into the awesomeness that is Youtube by "weaving together a 24-hour snapshot of of human life" into a massive collage.

The directors want youtubers to take out their cameras on July 24th and upload the unedited footage and Macdonald will go through all the submissions (there'll be a LOT) and cull them down into a full-length documentary to show at the Sundance Film Festival next January.

As an added bonus, 20 of the top submitters will be flown out to the premiere screening in Park City, Utah all on Youtube's dime! How cool is that?

Macdonald is a little worried that they will get either no responses at all (don't be worried about that happening) or that they will get bombarded with a million submissions (much more likely lol). Macdonald is the director of acclaimed films "State Of Play" and Oscar winner "The Last King Of Scotland".

Basically what he is looking for is not just videos of your dog or wacky cat, but something more along the lines of a wider range of cultures and heritages and socio-economic backgrounds so that the film is not "dominated by a middle class with access to broadband." He wants "a better understanding of who his contributors are, what inspires them, what scares them and what makes them tick".

Ridley Scott, the director of wellknown films such as "Gladiator" and "Alien" and the cult favorite "Blade Runner", brought the idea to Macdonald and will be involved in the structure and tone of the film.

This is actually really cool. Although it is highly unlikely that youtubers will be rubbing elbows with the two directors, this is a great chance for some enterprising people to actually contribute to a film by a couple of big-time Hollywood types and get their work seen by a much larger audience. I'm going to try to figure out what I want to film and I will be submitting something myself. Get behind this. This is a great opportunity for you and friends to help create something different.

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