Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Shaytards: Sontard Does Some Cliff Diving & A Cow Infestation

Shay & Katilette are taking the tardlets up into the mountains for another camping trip with Shay's brother Casey and his family. Once again the Shaytards meet up with an ornery group of cows that demand their right of way on the road up to the camp. Shay mentions that Casey does a fair bit of hunting for elk in the area and says that he had seen one early that morning.

Later, Shay and Sontard do some awesome flips and jumps into the nearby lake which looks like it would be fun but a little cold. He also tells some onlookers to make sure they subscribe to the Shaytards channel on YouTube and says to the camera he got "one more subscriber!" lol. Their dog, Malachi, has a run in with some horses that a nearby camper had brought to the campsite and poor old Malachi has to be roped to the back of the van. All through the video you can see Malachi eyeing the horses with distrust. Malachi (a Great Dane) versus a horse... who would win?

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