Sunday, July 11, 2010

Charles Trippy & Alli Speed's Panel At VidCon

This is a massive video from Charles Trippy and Alli Speed while they are at VidCon. Charles and Alli discuss their daily vlog series CTFxC which is now up to day 436! One answer Alli gave to an audience member asking how long they plan on doing their vlog was "FOREVER!" That drew a large amount of applause from the crowd.

Also on hand were the usual band of misfits including hiimrawn who got the day started by showing up on stage wearing a housecoat and haranguing the audience asking "What are you doing here THIS EARLY?" before tossing the robe aside to reveal a pair of tighty-whiteys and strapping on his accordian and playing before the appreciative audience.

Towards the end the stage was taken over by a bunch of talented youtubers (including davedays, Hank Green from one of my favorite channels: vlogbrothers, tayzonday) pumping up the crowd with some songs.

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