Saturday, July 17, 2010

StirFryTV Interviews ijustine

River from StirFryTV gets to speak with my secret Internet girlfriend ijustine about her career and YouTube up til this date. We get a chance to see part of one of her very first videos called Stylus? that she uploaded about 4 years ago. She has certainly changed and evolved since way back in those days.

She is now the 4th most subscribed female on YouTube and is 24th overall and her main channel has received over 118 Million views which is amazing.

It was funny seeing Scooter crushing on ijustine but I do have to warn him that she is mine and even though she won't publicly acknowledge that she is MY secret Internet girlfriend, Scooter just better watch his back if ya know what I'm sayin'. I'm subbed to most of IJ's channels, except for the iphone one called ijustinesiphone because I don't own an iphone (gasp!).
I know. I thought everyone on Youtube had to have an iphone or should get one when they subscribed to YouTube, but I haven't bothered to get one yet. But I am liking what I see as far as apps goes and I might have to succumb to Apple's allure soon.

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