Monday, July 12, 2010

Rocketboom's Molly Interviews The Vlogbrothers At VidCon

Rocketboom's Molly gets a chance to speak with Hank & John Green of the vlogbrothers about the success of the 3-day VidCon which is now wrapping up in Los Angeles. According to Hank, the event was intended to be an online video conference to show the video industry about the power and vibrancy of the burgeoning online video community (at YouTube and elsewhere).

I started hearing about VidCon while watching videos by different youtubers over the last several months and as the excitement built youtubers would sprinkle in a comment in their videos: "You going to VidCon?" and "I'm so excited about VidCon" and when it finally came, it turned out to be one of those monster events that you are kicking yourself for not attending. Just looking at all the various videos from behind the scenes as well as those of the multitude of panel discussions and other assorted cool stuff really shows what drawing power an event like this can generate.

VidCon 2: Toyko Drift

If we give Hank & John Green a bit of a breather, I'm hoping they'll help organize another one of these shindigs for next year. Maybe "VidCon 2: Toyko Drift" lol. I kid because I'm a jerk. No, really, "VidCon 2.0" or something similar could be a huge event in 2011, and maybe this time it could be in New York or again in Los Angeles or even somewhere in the middle might be doable.

So Hank & John, have you caught your breath yet? Better get on it boys! Just kidding. Right now both of the vlogbrothers are probably ecstatic that the big event is over and need some much needed snooze time. But once they recharge you know everyone will be asking about a sequel to this successful event.

Now, do you want to see some more behind the scenes stuff? Here's another of my favorite youtubers,
Olga Kay along with SupadupaFlygirl on the last day of the event.

If you haven't seen Olga's video where she and Liz kidnap Mitchell Davis (of LiveLavaLive) and take him home, here's a link: Mitchell Davis Wants To Spoon With Olga Kay!.

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