Saturday, July 24, 2010

Dan 3.0 FAQs

Here's Dan Brown again, letting us know what's on the minds of viewers of his pogobat channel concerning his year-long Dan 3.0 project. If you have questions like "what the heck is Dan 3.0", just take a look at this post on Bradshaw's Blog:

Info About The Dan 3.0 Project

The video above is the second in a series that Dan has posted with viewers questions. The first is shown below. The Dan 3.0 Project where he gives over control of his life to viewers was announced at the recent VidCon in Los Angeles, and if you want to see Dan's presentation, that is also included in the link to the post above called "Info About The Dan 3.0 Project".

Finally, if you have questions for Dan Brown yourself, don't hesitate to forward them to him on his pogobat channel.

Here's the 1st FAQ video:

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