Saturday, July 31, 2010

Swimming With Dolphins In Jamaica

Each day I am always looking forward to the next video from CTFxC and today's was pretty good. Charles Trippy & Alli Speed got to swim with dolphins in Jamaica. Yesterday they went to Dunn's River Falls, which I thought was pretty awesome, but this was really cool.

Alli did that thing where you stand on the dolphins' nose and they push you through the water. Also all the people there had to kiss each dolphin. It was interesting to see Olga Kay, Nayders07 and Sophie Hellyer (the pretty blond with the surf board) interacting with the various animals. Sophie is actually a pro surfer and model - check the video below:

Sophie also has her own website and blog at and I'll add her blog to "Blogs I Like" section of this page at the bottom right. Her YouTube channel is sophiehellyer and she needs some more subscribers. All I want to know is how did a pretty blond girl from North Devon, England end up as a professional surfer?

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