Saturday, July 24, 2010

CTFxC: Greg Allman, Power Rangers Swag & Tyson Update

Charles Trippy & Alli Speed are at Alli's parents' place to check up on their lovable dog Tyson, who was attacked by two other dogs a few days ago and has been forced to wear a cone. Poor mutt.

Before they leave, Alli & her mom are going through all the submissions to the thirsty doggie contest (if you missed the contest, you're too late, but you can watch the video where they announce the contest in my post: Tweet A Pic Of Your Dog & Win A Dog Water Bottle From CTFxC). They'll probably announce the winners on their website: early next week.

Charles also mentions a video that makemebad35 sent him of a band with a drummer that looks remarkably like Charles. Right down to the earrings.

Later, they're looking through a bunch of photo albums and we see singer Gregg Allman who Charles' dad played drums for at one time while Allman was touring. Also we see his dad has become a fan of realannoyingorange. Allman is also seen wearing a t-shirt that made it's way to Trippy Sr., to Charles and then Alli claimed it.

Other swag they find in the Trippy Time Capsule include snap gum. I actually had one of those when I was a kid. It was supposed to be a "magic trick" an when you offer someone a stick of gum, it snaps painfully on their finger. I had all sorts of stuff like that, a fake tongue with weird warts (a teacher took that away from me when I took it to school).

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