Monday, July 19, 2010

The Shaytards Destroy WalMart & Camping With calliemooremusic

"ATTENTION WalMart Shoppers! The Shaytards have invaded the store! Please make your way to the nearest exit in an orderly fashion!" That's what I think the announcement should be over the intercom as Shay Carl & Katilette bring the crew grocery shopping.

And $375 for groceries? Yikes! But then again they do have a ton of people living in that madhouse that I call "Chez Carl." I didn't know that they have a goldfish too.

I loved the shot of Rocktard just chillin' in the rocking chair looking so calm, cool and collected after Shay beat the snot out of Sontard and Princesstard wrestling. And Cooper chasing him all around the house trying to bite his butt.

They also went on a camping trip with Momytard's sister Callie and her hubby Dave in the previous episode seen below. Callie of course is in her own YouTube channel calliemooremusic and it was nice hearing Callie & Mommytard singing around the campfire.

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