Saturday, July 10, 2010

Biting As A Form Of Affection? Just A Lame Twilight Craze

I cannot believe that this latest craze for biting people is going to gain any traction. TheYoungTurks throw the spotlight on some idiots who seem to think that "drawing blood" is a good thing. "It's empowering," the one dumbass actually says. It's not about "showing your affection" for the person you are with, it's about trying to assume some power over another and - IT'S DANGEROUS! Firstly there's the chance of infection and if someone is carrying one of the terrible diseases there is the chance on catching something a little more serious than an enhanced hickey.

Twilight's Robert Pattison mentions during the clip that he actually bit some dude who asked him to nibble on his neck (yech!). This is popular in some circles because the tweens are so desperately blinded by their love for the Eclipse stars that they will agree to almost anything so that they can experience the Twilight lifestyle. This trend is totally stupid and any one who is interested in partaking in this behaviour need medical attention.

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