Sunday, July 11, 2010

calliemooremusic: When Dave Met Callie

If you are unfamiliar with calliemooremusic, the cute girl, Callie, is the sister of Katilette from the Shaytards and the guy is her husband, Dave. Together they make some great music that they upload to their channel. They just started this Youtube in March and already they have 19,046 subscribers. I subbed just a couple of weeks ago and they had 5K subs, so they are building an audience pretty darn fast.

When I subbed to them I thought they just did music videos, but I've been pleasantly surprised because they also do these daily vlogs as well. They do sort of remind me of Shay and Katilette, but with their own peculiar style. Personally, I really like these daily vlogs from these two along with the Shaytards (of course!), and CFTxC (Charles Trippy & Alli Speed) and another vlogger from Australia called NickosBLOG. If you like seeing youtubers every day, then check them out.

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