Saturday, June 26, 2010

Wheezy Waiter Says Thanks To 100,000 Fans & Quits YouTube!

First things first, wheezywaiter addressed the controversy of his stating yesterday that he had said that "Australia elected Julia Gillard" and that Auzzies all commented "no we didn't! She was appointed!. You'll have to watch the video for how he extricates himself outta that one. And I think he succeeded in his arguement. Maybe. Sorta. Like.

And then he mentioned that he had noticed he had hit the 100,000 sub level. Of course I am sure he was keeping a wheezy eye (eeww, ugly turn of phrase Bradshaw!) on his subscriber level, but it was me being the first to mention it on his comments on his last video called Sarcasm 101:

DellBoy010 Hey Wheezy - congrats on getting your 100,000th sub! and now
1 day ago virtual wink

Yup, the DellBoy010 is actually me, Hey_Bradshaw, but on YouTube. On Twitter I am Hey_Bradshaw (Why DellBoy, Bradshaw? Long story, already told). So maybe I tipped him off? Hah, gave wheezy waiter a tip - get it? Lame waiter humor. "Okay, knock that shite off Bradshaw."

"Wait, what about the part where Wheezy quit YouTube?" Dude. Did you watch the video? It was a joke.

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  1. Update! Wheezy Waiter now has 220,070 subscribers as of November 1st, 2010! That means he got 120,000 new subs since July 26th til now (I had to use my toes counting that high).


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