Sunday, July 4, 2010

What's Happening On YouTube With John Nicholas

Here's another Youtuber vlogging about YouTube and what's catching people's attention. His name is John Nicholas and his channel is JohnNicholasYT. John currently has about 212 (including me. I just subbed) and has been on Youtube since December 2009. Nicholas usually posts a new vid about once a week pointing viewers to what is bubbling up in the youtube community.

The clip above is about 2 weeks old, and he mentions The Trevor Project with an explanation of what that is all about. He also mentions the birth of Rocktard, newest castmember of the SHAYTARDS. If you haven't seen the video Shay Carl posted about the birth of their 4th tardlet, see Shaytards Clan Welcomes A New Member.

One suggestion I have for John and his reviews. He needs to name each video differently. Each one (so far) seem to all be named "What's Happening On YouTube" and he should try to get an distinct name for his reports.

If you check out TheWillofDC, he does a similar weekly update and calls his show "YouTube: Winners & Losers" and gives a LOT of information in each episode. Here's a link to see his last video: TheWillofDC On This Week's Youtube Winners & Losers June 25, 2010. Will tries to do a Michael Buckley-esque show and talks a mile a minute which can get annoying, but he does pack a bunch of info in his videos. Nicholas is more laid back, which I like.

Hopefully John will continue with his reports because there are a lot of Youtubers interested in this sort of info and he will garner more and more subscribers as he gets better at reporting (he's doing fine now and with more practice he'll rival Will in subs - Will has 208,206!). It took Will a bit of time to start getting all those subs, so if John keeps at it, he will begin getting more followers.

Also, you can follow John Nicholas on Twitter at john_nicholas.

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  1. Dude thanks so much for this!
    I'll take your advice and use it ^.^
    - John


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