Sunday, June 13, 2010

Shaytards Clan Welcomes A New Member

Congrats to Shay Carl, Katilette, SonTard, PrincessTard, BabyTard, Malachi and all the various members of the ShayTards clan on the long-awaited arrival of their little bundle of joy. Take a look at the video above which shows the day of his birth. An incredible keepsake for them of a BIG event in the First Family of YouTube. Baby and mother are reportedly doing just fine.

There's some controversy on what name the youngest member of the troupe would get with several being put forward. Shay himself seems to like RockTard, which is better than FetusTard which many of the followers of the ShayTards were calling the little guy while he was purcolating. There's TinyTard, BroTard, MiniTard amoung others. Me, I kinda like BroTard, but it's up to Mommy & Daddy on the naming process.

And love the screen shot of Mommytard with her baby. I have to admit I was smiling all through this video. This family feels like they're friends.

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