Friday, June 25, 2010

TheWillofDC On This Week's Youtube Winners & Losers June 25, 2010

Definitely agree with TheWillofDC on this week's Winner and Loser: YouTube (BIG winner) and Viacom (booo! Massive loser).

In case you are unaware of what this is about, Viacom lost its $1 billion lawsuit that they files against Google, which claimed that they should be responsible for material uploaded to YouTube that "infringed upon Viacom's copyright". The court ruled that Google is protected under 'safe harbour' as laid out in the Digital Millennium Copyright Act (DMCA).

Viacom will be appeal the decision, saying that it is "fundamentally flawed." Although the court's decision may be debateable, what's undeniable is that the ruling (if upheld at appeal) will set a major precedent for many other cases like it. There's more on the Viacom-Google Lawsuit here.

Meanwhile back to the Winners/Losers, Will points out the once again RayWilliamJohnson leads the pack with 36,271 new subs. Also, there's a new face in the Top 100 as JulianSmith87 just up to 295,105 and into 95th spot. Now if only my favorite hot russian juggler olgakay can get enough subs to make it. She currently has 242,271 so she's close.

Also, kudos to Will himself, as he is starting to get a fair chunk of subscribers. Him channel just broke the 200K level and he's at 202,276. I'm pretty sure he had only a quarter of that last year at this time.

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