Thursday, July 1, 2010

Shaytards Song By NicePeter And His Interview With Lovely Ceciley/Brett

Love this new song about the SHAYTARDS by nicepeter. The Shaytards is one of the few channels I always look forward to seeing every day on my dashboard because although it is just Shay, Katilette and the assorted tardlets and extended family going about their lives, it is ALWAYS interesting, funny and entertaining. Thumbs up for this song by nicepeter. I haven't been following him til now and you can sub to him through the link above.

For more on him, take a look at the Van Interview with nicepeter by BrettTheIntern (how'd he get this gig?!) and the Dimpled Diva of My Dreams Ceciley. It was interesting to see a little more of this very talented guy. I remember hearing Shay Carl mention that he thought Peter was really good at making songs up on the spot etc and he's not one of the folks at TheStation who is usually in front of the cameras so thumbs up for him.

this is a pretty good interview by Ceciley and Brett. If you want to check out their abduct, er, "chat" with timothydelaghetto, take a look at my post.

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