Wednesday, June 23, 2010

TimothyDeLaGhetto Abducted By The Van Of Truth!

Mr TimothyDeLaGhetto is the latest Youtuber to get whisked away by the lovely Ceciley and The Station's BrettTheIntern. Love Ceciley, not so sure about this Brett guy. I haven't seen any of his stuff on his channel but I've found him sorta playing the role of Bob Noxious in stuff for TheStation seems a little too excited when he sees KassemG in a dress. Not that there's anything wrong with that (except, um, have you seen KassemG in HOT Girls EXP0SED?).

Anyway, back to Tim's abduction. They've been doing these interviews with yummy Ceciley and Brett in back of a van where they divulge, spill, tell it like it is, go deep (what?), and try to help viewers get to know the inner beauty that is TimothyDeLaGhetto.

To me it looks like he's a somewhat cool little dude in a beanie with a girlfriend way, WAY too hot for him. I would try to include the video Tim just recently uploaded on his channel of his girlfriend, iliana looking smoking hot while getting ready for a rave, but the heat she generates would likely burn out your retinas (It's true!). I'm willing to do an indepth scientific study of the effect iliana has on the typical male (meaning me), but Tim is all "Step away for the hottie, dude. Just Step Back!". so that's a non-starter.

Actually check out his channel TimothyDeLaGhetto. He's in the middle of a long run of daily vlogs about the life of this guy. Lots of odd adventures (and yes, some hot girls), cameos by celebs etc. And he's in the mix with The Station.

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