Sunday, July 4, 2010

Nayders Breaches The Great Wall Of China!

Nayders is on a massive travel vacation and has been uploading her videos from her new location of New Zealand. She is from Vancouver (I lived there for 9 years and I'm sure Nayders misses it as much as I do), but she is working and living down under. I didn't realize that she had made the move until I spotted her stats on her channel (called, nayders07, of course) and they say she is now Number One in New Zealand! She's numero uno as the most subscribed Youtuber in the country, most subbed comedian, and most subbed partner. I guess we can confirm that Nadine rocks.

It's cool to actually see the Great Wall with Nayders and her friend Kristy. I've been following her since I started on Youtube myself because:

A). She's Canadian.
B). She cute - yes, I sub cute girls, so sue me lol.
C). She always has interesting videos.

And if you're reading this Nadine, I'm so jealous of you traipsing all around the world. And it's a balmy 18 degrees Celcius in Vancouver (that's 64 degrees Fahrenheit to those who don't follow the celcius scale).

If you want to drop a tweet to Nadine over in New Zealand, her Twitter account is heynadine, which I like because my own Twitter is Hey_Bradshaw.

Here's Nayders' last video of her traveling through Bali. Yes, be jealous lol.

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