Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Across From Marty Is My Frenemy!

This is one of the first channels I've reviewed since I issued my challenge in the post Hey! You Want Me To Review Your Youtube?. Their name is AcrossFromMarty, and they primarily do music videos. The most latest one is shown above and my humble opinion? IT SUCKS! Kidding.

No, the video itself is visually pretty cool and the lead singer does have a rather, ahem, unique singing style lol. The band states "We are currently In the process of making a new album. Our goal is to have it finished before our style of music is obsolete." They are made up of Chris Barnes, Adam (Fuzzymonkey777), and Dave K Jr.

Here's another recent video:

That one's called "My Hilbilly Anthum" and I like that one. "I'm a bigheaded fattie and I smoke too much..." lol.

They currently sit at 2,843 subs and could use your support, so why not sub to them for some original music?

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