Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Hey! You Want Me To Review Your Youtube?

I am subbed to a bunch of folks on Youtube (133 as of today) and I am trying to work my way through as many as possible and review them on this blog. Mostly I have been yapping about the most subbed and most popular youtubers because they are the ones I see most of the time.

I want to help folks who are workin' hard and uploading videos and need to get the word out to others. If you want to get some free press, just ask me to post your latest Youtube video and I'll try to work it in. One sure way to get my attention is to sub or friend me on YouTube - but this isn't a plea to sub to my channel. Sure I'd like to have a million subs like the next Youtuber, but without videos of my own, most think "Meh... " But if you like these videos as much as I do, why not hit the "Add as a friend" button? Doesn't cost ya nothin'.

Me On:

Twitter Hey_Bradshaw
YouTube DellBoy010

All you have to do is ask. As me on Twitter or at my YouTube channel and I'll take a peek and try to help get the word out.

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