Saturday, July 3, 2010

The Warped School Daze Of One Shane Dawson

This Shane Dawson kid is one sick, twisted Youtuber lol. Welcome to Shane at school. Yes, he plays every character, including his mom, who is actually a very nice person and hardly even the slightest bit the ho Shane makes her out to be. Of course, you're probably already subbed to Shane's main channel, ShaneDawsonTV, but if not, he does odd stuff like this video all the time. At least until the proper authorities can get a fix on his location.

Shane's Little "Charlie Brown-like" Special

After meeting his happy-go-lucky classmates and booze-swilling teacher, Ms. Goldstein, we get to see Shane at the Father's Day Dance, standing forlornly in the corner, while all the other misfits are dancing with their fathers. Kind of sadly touching (and creepy). Anyway, he also did a "behind the scenes" video, but it's not up yet.

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