Thursday, October 14, 2010

Taryn Southern Dances Because She Hit 10K Twitter Followers

I have absolutely NO reason to tell the lovely Taryn Southern not to dance and I am not about to start now. Taryn just hit the 10,000 mark on her Twitter account (that's @TarynSouthern for those who are missing out). Below Taryn busts a move:

Which begs the question - what can we get her to do when she hits 20,000 Twitter followers? Sorry, but my mind drifted into naughty territory there, Taryn. If you don't know who she is (What?! How?), Taryn has been on YouTube for about 3 years and has done some vids with several folks from The Station, but you can find out more about her over at Wikipedia because she has her own page there (Taryn Southern at Wikipedia). How many of you can boast that?

And, just in case you somehow missed it, here she is in the video from last December Wrong Hole w/Scott Baio, Taryn Southern, and DJ Lubel. I still start laughing as soon as Scott Baio sits down and says "Hey Champ..." lol.


  1. I tweeted Taryn about the video and she said she was going to take it down because the audio was messed up. When she puts up another I will replace it.

  2. Cool. Taryn just sent a link to an updated version of her celebration dance. I thought she had been busy doing other stuff, but she came through.

    Now officially my favorite Youtuber!


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