Wednesday, July 7, 2010

NickosBLOG Suffers Through Eclipse: Wife Attacks His Cone!

Daily vlogger Nicko aka NickosBLOG gets ready for the movie Eclipse with the wife Jess but has to drop off their bambino Immy (short for Imogene). We get to see them walking out after the movie, bickering of course lol, and Nicko mentions that all the women had a big "O" every time the werewolf dude appeared shirtless. "They'll have to steam clean all the seats! Cuz all them girls was going in their knickers." lol.

"Look at that tongue mark! I'd know that tongue mark anywhere!"

Later they go get ice cream and Jess attacks Nicko's ice cream cone: "Its not soft serve now. It's just: SERVE!"

They've been uploading their daily vlogs since the end of February 2010 and plan on continuing til Feb 2011. Give them some Youtube love and sub.

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