Wednesday, July 7, 2010

A Moment Of Inspiration With A Sickly Phil DeFranco

Okay, I wanna start making Youtube videos after watching this video from Phil DeFranco aka sxephil. Poor Phil is in a bad way health-wise (no he's not dying to morbid cretin!) and it sounds like he has a bit of a cold. After hanging with his buddy last night, shaycarl, and a period of some navel-gazing, Phil has come to the realization that the times - they are a-changin' and he looked back on some of his older videos. If you haven't already gone back and started watching DeFranco's old vids do it. There's some funny shite there.

I started watching his old stuff months and months ago and one outlet for my own angst and boredom has been to start doing this blog called appropraitely enough: Bradshaw's Blog. My own lame attempt to have some fun with Youtube. Next step in my evolution is to film my radio-friendly mug and start posting some damn videos of my own.

"Who Knew You Needed A Psychology Degree To Run The Fryer!"

Love that line Phil lol. DeFranco (who looks like a lost 80s-era bass guitarist with that tie wrapped around his knoggin) explains why he does what he does rather than go become a typical 9-5er and start working for "The Man." Clearly he likes what he does, or I think he would probably just throw in the towel and walk. He considered doing that a while back, but he re-considered (with a bit of cajoling from Shay), but it was Phil's decision to stay. He's just re-charging himself now and evolving on his own sched. He's got his "vloggity" (which he calls his Super Gay Vloggity), his sxephil rants where he "Phils You In" on what's happening and his LikeTotallyAwesome tech channel. And his own blog at (you guessed it): PhillyD Blog. What? You haven't been there? He has longer clips of the stories he mentions in the daily vlogs and pics of whichever hot ladies in the celeb world that catch his eye. Nice eye Phil. 100% agreement on that Kelly Brook babe.

So he's a busy guy. But he's loving what he does. He doesn't what or desire some typical day-by-day, live pay-cheque-to-paycheque crap-eating job. Never do I. And probably neither do you. He's doing something he loves. I'm just starting to do stuff I like doing. What are you doing to take your life in hand and start loving your life? Do it now. I'm going to start uploading videos of my own. I look forward to the challenge.

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