Sunday, June 20, 2010

Why You Need To Be On Twitter If You're On YouTube

You've finished the epic video and posted it to YouTube and had some regular viewers stop by and watch and they've rated it positively. How do you get more views on your video? One good idea is to mention that your latest video is posted on YouTube using your Twitter account. That does seem pretty darn obvious but many Youtubers don't bother to use Twitter much if at all.

There are many top Youtubers and other celebs on Twitter who are tweeting all day and are just fun to read. They post pictures they've put up at various sites like Dailybooth or
Twitpic (or many others that are available) and you get to see all sorts of odd stuff.

You may love the Shaytards videos (yes, I do) and maybe if you're following The Beard That Walks Like A Man shaycarl you'll catch some great pictures that don't make it into his daily vlogs. Also, Shay like so many others does comment on links and videos he comes across.

For example, one of his fans, @KirstieArmstead just posted some artwork she made of the whole Shaytards clan, took a picture and posted it and then sent a link to Shay via Twitter and he responded. Here's the artwork: Kirstie Armstead's picture.

Basically you can reach people outside of your usual YouTube viewership on Twitter and use tweets to keep even more up to date on what others are up to. Eventually as you total subs increases, many of them will start following you on Twitter (actually they'll start following you EVERWHERE) and you will have almost a whole little network of your own. You will be able to keep in touch with fellow Youtubers and your fans (yes, you'll eventually have actual fans) who will want to be the first to know that you've uploaded a new video or that you liked someone else's video, picture or link.

All this will help you build a critical mass of viewers and subs. While I'm at it I probably should mention that I could use some more followers on Twitter too. If you aren't following me, here's a link to my Twitter page: Hey_Bradshaw.

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