Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Wheezy Waiter Hits L.A. In The Blink Of An Eye!

Wheezy Waiter has made his way from Chicago and landed on Craig Street in Los Angeles for Vidcon (which starts this friday). I was wondering where his video was yesterday, but he explains that when he blinked his way to L.A., he was unable to post his usual monday video. He also left that wild man, "Ty The Regular Guy" in charge at the Wheezy homestead. Ty busts loose as expected with Wheezy out of the picture. "He's so normal!" I can almost hear Wheezy exclaim.

I wonder where he will teleport to next now that he can just blink and go whereever he pleases *PUNCH* Ow!! He just came here & punched me! Blink travel is awesome. I need to study as Wheezy's apprentice. I can just imagine it: "If you can snatch this bagel from my hand..."

And as far as Scarlett Johannson goes, I completely agree Wheezy. After I do my one sit up today, I'll be on the lookout for her too. Of... course... me being in Canada and you being in L.A. gives you something of an advantage. Maybe if I concentrate really, really hard and blink repeatedly I can teleport to Scarlett myself! But will she like me with the befuddled, blinky expression?

Maybe I just work on doing an extra sit up. I'll let her blink to me. Every time I see her blink in the movies now I be looking around to see if she made it or not. Try, Scarlett, TRY!! That sounds sooo lame lol.

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