Saturday, July 3, 2010

Watching The Shaytards Watching The Shaytards

You are watching the SHAYTARDS watching the Shaytards. It's like some kind of time loop and could be the end of civilization as we know it. Sontard is laughing as Princesstard lays a whuppin' on him in the car (from their last video) and then she grabs him again and tosses him to the ground lol.

Later shaycarl and Sontard discuss their lot in life: 2 dudes waiting on "the girls" when they want to go somewhere. "Even Rocktard is ready to go" points out Sontard. When they get into the car they listen to Katilette's sister calliemooremusic doing one of her songs (click on that link if you want to sub to her). Later we get to hear Shay screeching out some rap song and Mommytard turns the camera on to Babytard in the backseat with her fingers in her ears lol. I guess Babytard doesn't like Shay's singing.

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