Tuesday, July 6, 2010

So, How Did BrettTheIntern Get The Station Gig?

Have you been wondering how BrettTheIntern got the job at TheStation? How much Danny Diamond booty did he need to kiss to get this primo gig? He gets to hang with the lovely Ceciley and LisaNova and the vivacious KassemG and make videos all day. Personally, I think I would snag that job just to move to Celiley's side as she is basically yummy (love those dimples). Also, there's hiimrawn who always seems to be poking up in every video by TheStation. Haven't really got into Rawn that much. He does have 173K subs, less than my Russian juggling love, OlgaKay, but he seems to be a mainstay on the channel.

Brett gives us the story of how he got the job as intern at TheStation and shows that he found out about it back in March, 2010 at the birthday party for Shay Carl. Take a look at more of that party n this video by Olga Kay: OlgaKay At Shay Carl's B-Day.

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