Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Shaytards Are Considering A Move Back To L.A.

First they move to Los Angeles and then they return home to Idaho, and now the SHAYTARDS are once again mulling over a return to L.A. They moved back home to Idaho in order to have Rocktard, their youngest son, born about a month ago because of how expensive it would have been for the littliest tardlet to have been birthed in California.

Personally I can see why they would want to go back to Los Angeles because of the added advantage of all Shay's TheStation buddies living and working there. Unfortunately the shaytards will have some distance between themselves and their family remaining in Idaho. I'll miss seeing Carlie (Shay's sister) and her son Cooper in the daily vlogs, but there will just be more opportunity in the big city.

The only other drawback I can see is taking Sontard & Princesstard out of school again and dropping them into a new school once more. But as their parents Shay & Katilette will go through the pros and cons and the decision is theirs, not their viewers.

One definite plus is that Shay will be able to make more videos for and with TheStation and we'll see KassemG and other friends in behind-the-scenes type of stuff (like this video).

Remember folks, this is now Shay's job and he and Katilette will do what's right for their family.

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