Friday, July 2, 2010

Rocketboom's Institute For Internet Studies Explores The Wild Life Of The Troll

Yes, I remember ChristianU2uber and the so-called controversy and the parodies etc. Just thought he was a minutely-informed kid, but funny to find out he was just trollin' the trolls. It sorta reminds me of Boxxybabee. You remember ol' Boxy right? If not here's a reminder:

Scary as the first time you saw her. I'm pretty sure her video was just troll bait like ChristianU2uber, but you never know. The first video was from ROCKETBOOM's "Institute For Internet Studies" which means no Molly today. But actually Molly was just in one from RocketBoom:

Have to admit I had to replay the part at 2:30 again and again. Molly's got some Ca-RAZY eyes. But for some reason I found it hot. Okay, as the perv alert goes off, yes I think mememolly is very cute, and I'm a sucker for pretty girls with english accents.

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