Thursday, July 8, 2010

Have You Checked Out DailyBooth Recently?

Yes, I'm on DailyBooth too, just like many others and I upload all sorts of silly photos, but I cannot compete for followers against some folks. First, I am not a pretty 15-year-old girl or a beefy high school hunk. My mug is one of those that is, as I always say, made for a career on radio rather than being in front of the camera. I currently have only 2 followers on DailyBooth, myself and one girl who must have accidentially hit the follow button in error lol.

Of course, I'm only following 29 Daily Boothers (we call each other "boothers" - I'm so lame lol), and I have to be careful not to seem like Freddy the pedo because of the ages of some of the girls online. I am not a creepy stalker-dude and I don't follow just hot teenage girls, because that's not why I'm there. I just want to upload some pictures I've taken and hopefully get some comments and views and also see some interesting pictures that others have uploaded. The average age of those on Daily Booth seems to be about fifteen for 85 percent of users and the vast majority of pictures seem to be just like on FaceBook, with little tweenagers making the same goofy faces and trying to prove what a wacky person they are. That does get boring very fast.

But some people on Daily Booth actually are somewhat talented photogs and edit pictures and take shots in oddball locations that are really cool to see.

Most of the people I am following have put up pics that just caught my eye. Of course I am following some of those who I know from YouTube and Facebook, like Charles Trippy, Alli Speed and ijustine, but once in a while I just look at the main feed and watch all the new pictures float past. It's a parade of people who I will most likely never meet and is always worth a chuckle. This site has been growing by leaps and bounds for quite a while now and will do so for some time to come IMHO.

There are those who are dedicated to uploading at least one photo a day and others who just upload the odd pic occasionally.

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