Thursday, July 1, 2010

Happy Birthday To Mommytard! Yellowstone Holiday

I didn't know that Katilette's birthday was sneaking up again. A big Happy Birthday to Mommytard! Hard to believe she's 28 years old. Shay of course has to say "I can't believe I'm making out with a 28-year-old! It's like an OLD LADY!" But of course you all know that Shay desperately loves Katilette and you see that in every video they upload. Actually they get a chance to frolic in the hot tub later (yes, Shay has been known to frolic).

The SHAYTARDS are off to Yellowstone Park and pick up the usual touristy nicnacs and stuff, like Sontard and his new dragon t-shirt. Katilette got some hoop earrings encrusted with local Yellowstone gems and the girls got some coats.

On their way back to the cabin, they run into some construction work and a funny orange-shirted construction dude. Loved the part with Shay and his sister Carlie doing the Super Balloon advertising Dance - if that's what you can call it lol. Calrlie closed her CarlieStyle channel, but there's still CarlieSass, so go sub to Shay's hot sister).

Katilette's sister Callie also videoed a birthday greeting for her as seen below. Callie has a channel called calliemooremusic and does some nice singing and guitar-playing.

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