Saturday, July 3, 2010

Going Totally Meekakitty On The Movie Eclipse

Yes, it is meekakitty and she is NOT PLEASED! She has returned from seeing the movie Eclipse and is ranting (justifiably so) about the idjets who were talking all through the show. I swear, these people must go from theater to theater just looking for me (and Meekakitty too apparently) and purposefully sit behind or just in front of me. Usually I give them "the half-turn" with eyebrows raised when they start yapping.

And don't give me the excuse that they should be able to talk back to the screen. I don't know what freakin' world that they live in where they expect to get some response back from Robert Pattison or that shirtless werewolf dude. Just shut yer dang mouth and watch the dang movie, okay! Totally with Tessa on this one.

A little unsure about the pugs though. I know she was saying it was about having an "opinion" rather than a fact ie: pugs vs huskys, but pugs are kinda ugly. Some folks may disagree and say "oh, pugs are just the cutest widdle fings, wid their squashed up widdle faces." 1st, don't talk quasi-babytalk. 2nd, pugs are a little too yappy to me and they seem to like nipping at my ankles. Most dogs are great, but pugs I'll pass on.

And don't forget to comment on her contest. She's giving away that weird, pink stuffed thingy. I, for one, don't want it, but I do relish the chance to rant and list my assorted pet peeves. I commented (using my Youtube handle of DellBoy010) and had my own mini-rant about under-filled coffee cups. Look in Meekakitty's comments for my name and thumbs up if you agree. Do It NOW!!

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