Thursday, July 1, 2010

CTFxC: Oh Look! It's Raining! Charles Trippy Getting A Little Waterlogged

Once again it's raining in Florida. I swear it's been raining non-stop this month on Charles Trippy's channel CTFxC. I used to live in Vancouver which is renowned for it's continuous precipitation, but I'm beginning to think Florida should be in the running for dampest spot in North America. But we do get to see Zoe & Marley running around the park again and chasing squirrels. And Charles almost walks into yet another spider. They see a huge spiderweb up in the trees and I think it may be a tent-caterpiller nest rather than a spider web, but either way, I don't wanna find out.

Alli, in between sessions of Bio Shock of course, talks Charles into seeing the movie Eclipse and destroys all of Trippy's street cred by filming Charles purchasing tickets for Twilight Eclipse.

Charles & Alli are heading off to Sarasota in the morning and still haven't told us where this "tropical vacation" is that they are planning on going. Charles has been dropping hits that he and Alli are taking a trip "if it all goes through as planned." Just being nosy, but I want to find out where they're going! Leave a comment if you think you know.

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