Friday, July 9, 2010

CTFxC At Vidcon: Now Don't You Wish You Went?

Charles Trippy and Alli Speed are up really early to catch their plane to Los Angeles to attend Vidcon. I am now officially kicking myself for not going but since I haven't uploaded any videos of my own I'd feel a little out of place. Still it's cool to see all the various youtubers, like Shay Carl, Dave Days, sxephil, Olga Kay, Superduperflygirl among others. Too many peeps to name individually.

That part where Alli broke the wine glass at dinner is on Twitter, Trippy had a pick where they pushed something into Olga Kay's face. Have to admit Alli looks very pretty in this video with the hat. I liked the mass confusion and excitement with EVERYONE having cameras and vlogging everywhere. Love Alli "OMG, it's PhillyD!" at the Q&A panel lol. I think that was Michael Buckley (WHATTHEBUCKSHOW) on the right, but I couldn't tell who the others on the panel are.

So looking forward to seeing what others are going to post in the next few days.

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