Saturday, July 3, 2010

The Bikini-Clad Count: Try To Look Away. I Dare You

Ah, summer! Even with the audio off I still like to watch some videos over and over... sorry, I had shifted into perv mode. I like watching thecount even when she's not cavorting poolside and although this Youtube video isn't really "about" anything other than just goofing around the pool, it is fun.

One thing though Lisa, girl you need to work on your mad basketball skills. If they ever combine B-ball and swimming, I think you'll be a shoe-in if you work on that lay-up. And, she's NOT just about showing off her beach body, thank you very much! Just look at this next video:

Okay, well... yeah. So she was in a bikini... and hot... again. DON'T JUDGE ME! I like Lisa aka thecount. She has 55K subs on Youtube and growing. She also has a blog you might want to check out at for more Lisa.

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