Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Beer Pong (not) & Fireworks With ijustine

Need a ride? ijustine promises to pick you up if you need a ride. Just give her a shout and jump into the nearest white van and she will whisk you away to your destination. Justine's Taxi lol.

IJ and her sisters, Brea & itsmejennae (in matching t-shirts - "Here come them crazy Ezarik girls again Zeke"), are off to Harris Teeter again. They're still on vacation and we finally get to see my secret Internet girlfriend busta move at the store. Some viewers just don't understand that sometimes a girl just has to dance when they go shopping - either at an Apple store or deep in the south at your local Harris Teeter. Can't help myself, I laugh every time ijustine starts dancing.

We also get to see ij's grandparents as they play a round of that old favorite: Beer Pong. Of course, sans beer as they use water. I think her Dad, "Pap" must be a ringer as they won all three games.

In this video, Jenn aka itsmejennae are on the hunt for fireworks with her friends and they try to burn the road down in the middle of a field. I guess daylight fireworks would be a fail lol.

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