Sunday, November 7, 2010

Latest Ask IJ And iJustine Heads Over To Hawaii

It has been a while since the last Ask IJ episode, but iJustine has been a busy girl over the last few weeks or so. She did that Criminal Minds episode and all that Halloween stuff and she was also in Kaua'i (that's one of the Hawaiian islands) and has started posting videos on her 2nd channel otherijustine about the trip she and her sister Bree took.

Actually it was only 3 weeks ago that iJustine did an Ask IJ episode, but in between that time and this I think she must have posted about a hundred different videos - like I said, a busy girl. If you want to check out that Ask IJ spoof, here's his channel: hunterfrederick.

If you want to ask iJustine a question, and hopefully she will feature it on another episode, you can ask away at any of the following:

TWITTER: @ijustine

Or on one of her channels. It's that easy.

Then there is her favorite drink that she is ALWAYS guzzling: Yerba from Guayaki. And the back flip question lol. She says she won't do any back flips because we've seen a lot of dead IJs which is true. She's been killed in that recent episode of Criminal Minds and last year on Law & Order: SVU as well as in a couple of YouTube videos, so no more dead iJustines.

And she mentioned how tall she is: five foot, three and a half inches tall. She's as bit shorter than I thought (don't know why but I thought she was about 5'7") but I did think she was a bit of a munchkin in that recent video where she wears her fangs to the Radio Shack and the rep towered over her. But one thing: she was asked Justin Bieber for President and she said yes, but Bieber is Canadian and therefore NOT an american citizen so he is ineligible (that's just me nitpicking lol).

And stuck in a room with the cast of Jersey Shore or the cast of Lost and she of course picked Lost. She gets big nerd girl points for that answer. And she backs up here coolness factor by saying neither when asked if she would be either of the Jersey Shore girls. But for ultra-nerdness, iJustine also plays video games and pulls out some PS3 games, including Modern Warefare 2 (big thumbs up for that one IJ!) and I'm wondering if she will be jumping all over the Call of Duty: Black Ops which is released in a few days. Maybe that will be my question to her on her next Ask IJ.

But, besides her main channel, iJustine has her 2nd channel where she just posted the video below about her trip with Bree to Hawaii, which would be sweet.

At the start she shows all her gadgets including her Neatobotics vacuum that she's named "Bieber" lol. Charles Trippy and Alli also picked up one of these vacuums and if you want to see how they work, check this Bradshaw's Blog post: CTFxC: Postal Mishaps Resolved? And Name Dat Robot. Love that she's still wearing those fangs when she's on her way to her flight with Bree and that they are representing the Steelers by wearing their jerseys. I've been a Steelers fan for ever (hey, my last name is Bradshaw and Terry Bradshaw was the greatest QB of the 70s, so I have to partial to anyone who loves Pittsburgh).

And I was saying IJ earned massive nerd girl points earlier? Did you check her out when she found out there was wi-fi on the plane? Massive points there for iJustine lol. I guess we'll have to see what she gets up to when she's in Kaua'i in later videos - or follow her on Twitter because she's been tweeting about her trip.


  1. Justine is getting Black Ops, she even tweeted about it.

    Which can be seen at this tweet:"Planned this Hawaii trip so I'd be back just in time to pick up my Black Ops preorder this week. Woo!!"!/ijustine/status/1047307575365632

  2. Aha! I knew it. Okay, everyone over to IJ's house on the 9th for a Call of Duty: Black Ops tournament.


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