Sunday, November 7, 2010

Newsflash! Nalts Is Stalking iJustine! (Get In Line Buddy)

It looks like Uncle Nalts is stalking my secret Internet girlfriend iJustine in his latest video. Like the title says, get in line, Nalts!

LOL, at Nalts' kid with the phone call "It's a collect call from desperation!" Just in case you missed it, iJustine was just in an episode of the television series Criminal Minds as the part with IJ running through the corn field is from that episode (called Middle Man) that aired November 3rd. You can also see my post on Bradshaw's Blog about her appearance: Criminal Minds With iJustine (airs November 3rd).

Also loved that Nalts was thinking of Lisa Nova as an alternative for his romp though the corn field.

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