Monday, November 22, 2010

What The Buck Discusses This Year's AMAs

This is where Michael Buckley (on his What The Buck Show) gets a chance to shine. If you want to know what happened at the latest award show, you tune in to Buck.

Buck slams both Enrique Iglesias as well as Miley Cyrus (no surprise there) and said Miley looked like she had been dressed by Stevie Nicks (you younger folks will have to Google Nicks to find her weird gypsie outfits she was famous for in the 70s-80s). He did like Pink's performance, who I didn't know was pregnant, but it was the part where he mentioned the semi-ovation for Bieber with only the first three rows standing "because Usher had a GUN!"

As far as the re-emergence of the Back Street Boys-New Kids, snore. Those guys need to be forgotten as a bad memory from the 1990s. Didn't care for them then, and no need to re-visit sucky boy-band stuff again.

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