Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Women With Moustaches for Movember?

Usually seeing a woman with a mostache is kind of creepy in itself, but for some reason I found Katers17's facial hair oddly appealing.

November is of course "No Shave November" and guys are growing out some awesome stashes as part of the annual event to raise moola for battling cancer that affects men. You can find out more at movember.com, and what is happening near you.

But women are also trying to raise awareness for the event as seen by Katers17 (Kate to her friends) and she features another website supporting the cause that I for one didn't know about: MovemberGirls.com

Is it just me or does she look like the guy in the mask from V For Vendetta? That makes me wonder about my previous statement about her looking appealing. Sometimes I think I am one odd boy lol.

Question: Are you growing a moustache for the month of November? I've actually not shaven all month so far and bear a striking resemblence to a sasquatch.

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