Thursday, November 18, 2010

Taryn Southern Tells You To Keep It In Your Pants

But Taryn, can't I keep it in your pants? Sorry, but I had to say it - it was hanging there like a big old curveball. One of my favorite youtubers has a new video out called Keep It In Your Pants and yummy Taryn Southern gets to sing again!

If you feel the need for more Taryn (and who could blame you if you do), go to her Youtube channel called Hott4Hill. While you're at it, add her on Twitter: @tarynsouthern (if you haven't seen the video where she busts a move for hitting 10K Twitter followers, check this Bradshaw's Blog post: Taryn Southern Dances Because She Hit 10K Twitter Followers) - Let's get her to 20K so she can do more booty shakin'.

Another reason to stalk, I mean follow Taryn on Twitter is because she tweeted about this half nekid picture of herself on a sticker featured on Tim Ferriss' blog. You're welcome.

The song "Keep It In Your Pants" was also written and produced by the multi-talented Ms Southern and is available from iTunes, so grab a copy of that. She was also on 4 episodes this season of the television series Rules of Engagement, so keep an eye out for her on that too. This girl is EVERYWHERE!

I just read on her blog (yes, she blogs too) and she mentions she appreciates all the support she gets and thanks all for passing along her videos on all the blogs (hey that means she thanks me! Sorry, I went all giddy fanboy there) and that she does all this stuff, videos, songs etc, on her own dime, so if you want to see more of Taryn (not like that Pervy McPerv), make sure you download her songs and check out more of her videos. Personally I would be posting this here even if I didn't spot that blog of hers (it's because she's funny. And hot. Mostly because she's funny though.

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