Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Ray William Johnson: Gator-Slappin' Kitty And Fun With Carrots

Here's the latest from Ray William Johnson where he highlights the proper way to store a horse, one bad-ass cat messin' with a couple of alligators and um, a new way to make a salad?

All I can think of for the one with the horse in the back seat of that car is that is the ugliest child I've ever seen.

And that cat taking on two gators? Why didn't someone rush in and grab that cat up before he became gator chow? Congrats on Fluffy whuppin' on the alligators but that could have ended so much differently. But you do have to give Chuck Norris' cat some credit. Or is that the dancin' kitty at the end of Ray's videos?

As far as the carrot lovin' red-haired girl, the less said the better. Wrong on so many levels. If you want to see the Carrot Peeling Contest, there it is.

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