Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Wheezy Waiter Takes Toronto By Storm But Where's Shay?

There was a Youtube Gathering in Toronto on November 16, 2010 and those Canadian fans of Wheezy Waiter were able to see him live and in person (unless that was actually a clone and original Wheezy stayed home). He does appear to be on Canadian soil as evidenced by the Celine Dion music playing when he rolls into view:

It was good to see Wheezy made it to the gathering and giving fellow youtuber Corey Vidal a shout out in his video. Just to clarify, yes there was a War of 1812, yes, Canada and the U.S. fought each other (mostly to a standstill) and Ontario at the time was called the Province of Upper Canada, while Quebec was named Lower Canada. The States did invade and got whupped something fierce and the Canadians (not the hockey team) invaded Washington D.C. and torched the White House. After peace was declared (the treaty of Ghent: I knew that without looking it up), because it took so long to for news to travel British troops landed and attacked New Orleans and got their butts handed to them (there's an old song called The Battle of New Orleans by Johnny Horton).

But enough of this dang history lesson. You've probably skipped that paragraph out of boredom anyway.

Looks like a pretty good crowd showed up and there should be some videos being posted by Canadian youtubers getting all giddy about meeting Wheezy. Shay Carl was supposed to come too and that would have been great, seeing Shay and Wheezy, the 2 most famous beards on Youtube together, but I guess that will have to wait until VidCon 2.0 (possibly this summer? Ask John or Hank Green about it).

Shay was having problems getting his new passport in order and had to re-schedule his meetup but in the video below he has some good news about heading to Toronto this coming weekend.

So, good news! Shay Carl will be coming to Toronto after all! But we do see Wheezy actually doing a handstand outside (like he promised) while at the YT Gathering. What I like is that we get to see a bunch of others trying to show off their handstanding abilities, like Corey Vidal, but no one can match the wicked stills of Charles Ni. Good job Charles!

And CTFxC FTW! For the dude named John at 0:35 who tries and almost body slams himself for the CTFxC shirt!

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