Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Nigahiga In Agents Of Secret Stuff

So THIS is what Ryan Higa has been working on! Below is the trailer for Agents of Secret Stuff which is scheduled to be released November 24, 2010. I need to see more before offering an assessment, but parts of it look funny from what you see here.

Ryan Higa is cast as a super-secret agent given the task of guarding the incredibly lovely Arden Cho from some fiendish bad guys, led by HiImRawn it would look like.

Wong Fu Productions is credited with directing this 40 minute epic that will premiere on the Nigahiga channel. They are also listed along with Ryan as co-writers and co-producers and the motion graphics are the work of Derrick Lee of rikognition. The music is very ably done by George Shaw who is a rising musician/composer in Hollywood. Check out his website for more about him and for some samples of his music:

Ass Vs Syns

An interesting play on the word assassins? Ass (Agents of Secret Stuff) vs Syns (Society Involving Not-so-good Stuff) = clever. Sorta reminds me of that old television series Get Smart with the good guys: Control versus the bad guys: Chaos.

Ryan is a good choice as the good-looking, cleancut good guy going up against Rawn (who will tower over Ryan) who is like six foot five. I can almost picture the scene where Ryan has to battle Rawn and will be nose to bellybutton with him, but Higa will undoubtedly kick some major buttocks when they have to throw fists.

Some of the usual suspects make up some of the smaller roles, love seeing KassemG cast as the school teacher and the boys from Smosh. D-Trix (thedominicshow on YouTube) is one guy I'm subbed to that you may not know, but you have to see this hilarious video he did a while back called Mother's Milk.

But like I said, it looks like it may be good, but until I see more, I can't give it the thumbs up or down. I will say this though, this is a very ballsy move to make a 40-minute film even if you are the numero uno and most subscribed Youtuber. This is really stretching the envelope by Nigahiga, so definitely a hats off to him and the people who worked on this. There's already a lot of hype from what I can see and I for one look forward to seeing the full movie. And did I mention that Arden Cho was totally hot and an excellent choice for the love interest/damsel in distress that Ryan (or is it "Jose") gets to rescue?

You will be able to see the film in its entirety on November 24, 2010, but for those lucky few who can make it to CGV Cinemas in Los Angeles for the 23rd, you can get a sneak preview at a special screening. For more details, you'll need to jump over to

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