Thursday, November 11, 2010

Gamer Girl iJustine And Her COD Black Ops RC-XD Surveillance Vehicle

Yes, she's a die hard gamer girl. But if you follow iJustine at all, you already knew about her predilection for video games and all things tech - she's almost like an unofficial ambassador for Apple.

It looks like she's busted open the COD Black Ops Prestige Edition and has taken out the Surveillance Vehicle for a little spin.

I really though she was going to get told to move it along when the cops showed up, but apparently they're big fans of Black Ops (well, probably also fans of hot blond geeky girls too) so she gets to continue playing with the RC-XD Surveillance Vehicle in the streets. If you want, I posted a Tobuscus video where he does an unboxing of the Black Ops Prestige Edition.

I didn't know that the car also had that camera which is a pretty cool feature.

One other thing, did you see the part at about 2:00 when she was chasing her car and the pirate-clown dude with all the balloons is watching her? He's probably thinking "Wow, what a freak!"

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