Thursday, November 4, 2010

Shay Carl's Fetish For Granite-Tiled Bathrooms

Shay Carl is off to Los Angeles once more, but first he and Mommytard take the various tardlets to that great food emporium Dennys, home of the 24/7 breakfast/lunch/dinner menu.

Shay falls victim to one of those scamming toy machines when he lets Sontard and Princesstard try to win a stuffed animal while at the restaurant. I hate those things! I worked with a girl who won stuff all the time out of them but when I do it (much like Sontard), I'm left grabbing air. When Shay asks Babytard what she wants to eat (about 3:05 into the video), I think she makes a face and looks just like Katilette when she says she wants chicken and fries. LOL at Sontard he's getting dropped off for school and Shay kids him about "keepin' his lips off all the girls at his school".

What movie does Shay quote to Mommytard and Babytard? It's Disney's The Sword In The Stoneof course! Anyone with a passing knowledge of the Disney movies should have picked that one up pretty quick, although it is one of their older films. Don't know what Babytard was doing just as Shay got on the plane lol. You never know what the Shaytards will do next - which I think is why everyone likes them.

Then Shay is in L.A., and on his way to The Station to check in and he mentions all the new people in the office - it does seem like there's more and more new faces there when we see the behind the scenes stuff, but there are a lot of familiar ones too, like Rawn, Ceciley, Lisa Nova, Danny Diamond and Kassem and the others.

Shay mentioned a video where he had to beat box with BrettTheIntern (video below) and if you want, here's more of Brett's "How To Beat Box" tutorial.

But of course, it's the end of the Shaytards' video where Shay displays his deep appreciation for the granite tilework of the bathroom in the hotel where he's staying.

If you are a longtime viewer of the Shaytards, you know that at one time Shay used to install granite countertops for a living and that's what he was talking about. I can get what he's talking about - the craftmanship and work that went into putting up the tiles etc. That is tough work and although Shay claims to be happy to be done with it, doing owrk on houses like that never really leaves you and Shay obviously likes seeing good work. I'd like to see that "dream house" he was talking about - probably all marbled in granite with a trampolin in the back yard.

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