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Under The Radar: 10 Fast Climbing Youtubers You May Not Have Heard About

Just about everyone knows who the most subscribed youtuber is (nigahiga if you don't know), but who are the fastest climbing youtubers that you might not know about? This is just a list of those youtubers who are generating tons of subs and who have subscriber bases that are below the level that would show up in any Top 100 lists. Some of the fastest climbing channels are actually in the non-English YouTube market while others are in the music section and other popular newer channels are in the always popular video game arena.

Simon Desue of HalfcastGermany. Simon's channel just broke through the 200,000 mark last month and has almost 20K more this month. His main channel is now the 3rd most subscribed in Germany and around the 190 mark worldwide as far as YouTube subscribers. His 2nd channel is also garnering lots of subscribers and just broke the 100,000 mark.

Country: Germany
Channel Views: 7,561,040
Subscribers: 224,576
2nd Channel: HalfcastGermany2
Channel Views: 3,357,364

TWITTER @simondesue

Josh of petrilude. On his channel, Josh says "I'm a guy that does makeup. A guy doing makeup? That's crazy sauce!" Not really my cup of tea, but I have often wondered why there were so few guys in the makeup category. There is Richie Nickel (a UK makeup guru with 77,349 subs), but Josh is zipping up the Most Subscribed list getting about 6-7,000 news subs each week. He also has about 25K subscribers on his second channel.

Country: United States
Channel Views: 4,049,306
Subscribers: 226,641
Total Upload Views: 31,873,323
2nd channel jerrrsh (his non-makeup channel)

TWITTER - @petrilude

Julia, also known as MissChievous is another german-speaking youtuber and her makeup channel is also racing up the Most Subscribed list. "Hi, I'm Julia! I am passionate about makeup and all things beauty and love to share my passion with you" she says on her channel. One good thing about her channel is that she also provides subtitles in english which makes them easier to follow. On her 2nd channel she speaks English and covers various topics, most recently a book review, but also she takes you around Switzerland where she lives. She has 35K subs on this channel.

Country: Switzerland-Canada
Channel Views: 4,850,031
Subscribers: 244,773
Total Upload Views: 42,446,583
2nd Channel: TheThirdShift

BLOG: MizzChievouz
TWITTER: @MizzChievouz

Denver Colorado's Tyler Ward's with his TylerWardMusic channel is all about the music and he's got a lot of videos of him singing both original music and covers. His channel is regularly getting 8-9,000 new subs each week and he currently sits at around 265K and about 150-160 on the Most Subscribed list, although if he keeps getting that number of subs he will be in the Top 100 in no time. You can snap up a lot of his music on iTunes. He also has a live show coming up at the Hard Rock Cafe - Denver - December 4th, 2010, so if you're in the area...

Country: United States
Channel Views: 4,508,216
Subscribers: 263,235
Total Upload Views: 62,915,335

TWITTER: @tylerwardmusic

Gamers are all over HDstarcraft and their channel has come out of no where with massive subs. Primarily for the rabid Starcraft fan, they are uploading great game play, usually with commentary. Obviously a must-subscribe for the online gamer.

Country: United States
Channel Views: 27,255,301
Subscribers: 276,403
Total Upload Views: 86,126,637

TWITTER: @HDstarcraft

Another gamer channel that is getting a lot of attention is shaun0728 and they are moving up the charts fairly rapidly. Right now they have 278K subs and are getting around 7-8,000 new subscribers each week. This is what he says about his channel "I work full time in gaming media as a segment producer for a company called Machinima Inc. I got my start a couple years ago making gaming videos in my spare time and putting them on YouTube." He's mostly doing a lot of Halo videos right now, but (like all of us) he's waiting for Call of Duty: Black Ops to drop and then will post some of those too.

Country: United States
Channel Views: 7,207,606
Subscribers: 278,797
Total Upload Views: 33,578,461

I've heard of RecklessTortuga before, and Phil DeFranco recently gave them a shout out, but haven't been to their channel until now. Funny stuff. They're getting massive subs - 13K last week and another 11K this week and are already well over the 300K mark. Take a look at the video below which seems to be about "life in a game store". The channel is currently at around the 120 mark for all time subscribers and will probably be in the top 100 by December at the rate they're adding subs.

Country: United States
Channel Views: 4,262,405
Subscribers: 318,480
Total Upload Views: 65,365,222

TWITTER: @recklesstortuga
MERCH: Reckless Tortuga Store

The 3rd gamer channel on this list is SeaNanners (Adam Montoya) who nabbed another 10K new subscribers last week to bring them to 325K and they've jumped farther ahead since then. Watching him mow down opponents in the video below while he's playing COD 2 he talks about using the game as prep work for when Call of Duty: Black Ops is released. He's also got over 160 videos posted with more promised shortly.

Country: United States
Channel Views: 9,427,274
Subscribers: 332,043
Total Upload Views: 29,457,425

TWITTER: @seananners
USTREAM: the-joy-of-gaming

Another fast-climbing music channel is boyceavenue, made up of Alejandro Manzano (Vocals, Guitar, Piano), Fabian Manzano (Guitar, Backing Vocals) and Daniel Manzano (Bass, Percussion, Backing Vocals). They are just outside of the Top 100 Most Subscribed but should be listed there shortly. The group is currently on a European tour that winds up in late November in Dublin and the band will be doing an American/Canadian tour in February/March 2011.

Personally, not my choice in music (I prefer something a bit harder), but I'm in the minority on this as boyceavenue seems to be getting lots of new subs. They do have a brand new 2nd channel called BoyceAvenueExtras that started just 3 weeks or so ago where you can get behind the scenes stuff which is always good.

Country: United States
Channel Views: 10,164,850
Subscribers: 333,315
Total Upload Views: 209,597,150
2nd Channel: BoyceAvenueExtras
Channel Views: 31,086
Subscribers: 6,282
Total Upload Views: 37,906

TWITTER: @BoyceAvenue

And finally, the channel that is only just below the radar, KurtHugoSchneider, although it should called the "Sam Tsui" channel lol. Kurt Schneider highlights singer Sam Tsui's great vocals and you will likely love his singing. This channel is sooo close to hitting the top 100 - they're at around 101 or 100 RIGHT NOW and when I update the Top 100 list on Bradshaw's Blog, this channel will probably be right in there.

Last week the channel got over 12K new subs and they've added a further 9,000-plus this week. Just listen to Tsui and tell me you don't think he will be big.

Country: United States
Channel Views: 6,497,900
Subscribers: 354,122
Total Upload Views: 96,687,001

Twitter: @KurtHSchneider

Twitter: @SamuelTsui


There are tons and tons of great YouTube channels with even less subscribers than the ones featured here and you should make it your job as member of the Youtube community to find people and channels that others need to find.

This "Under The Radar" type of post will be a regular feature on Bradshaw's Blog to try to highlight some channels and people you may have missed or overlooked. Obviously if you have any suggestions of channels that need a shout out, feel free to leave a name or channel in the comments below.

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