Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Ladies And Gentlemen Meet The Wheezy Shoe!

IT'S HERE! It's here! It's the Wheezy Shoe. Long rumored, but now a reality, Wheezy Waiter has come through with the latest in epic footware. Well, it's a nice shoe.

After some epic eagle battling, Wheezy unveiled the Wheezy Show, complete with "Wheezyisms" ~ a Beardlovers beard on the back heel, a nice suble explosion on the side, fake alligator skin on the side (fake because he doesn't want a grumpy gator in his alligator pit; grumply gators don't eat clones fast enough). And it looks like they come in black too.

You can buy them at or just go there to check out the Wheezy Shoes and bask in the beardy goodness.

One other thing, you have to watch Wheezy's handstand video from yesterday (not the 49th handstand, his 48th). Why, because you are in BIG TROUBLE! Or maybe you're not. This is a particularly good handstand video and not just because of the epic hand stand. Wheezy has some words of encouragement.

Good advice from Wheezy on this one. If you hit a plateau in anything you do, like doing handstands or making Youtube videos, you might think, okay, I've accomplished something and now that's it, I'm done. It's when you persevere, when you continue even when there is no indication you will ultimately succeed, that's when you actually succeed.

He talks about how he quit his job when he hit 100,000 subscribers and how he could have thought "hey, I'm a success! I can slack now!", but he didn't. Wheezy kept cranking out the mindless drivel he does so well that we have all grown to love.

And, just in case you didn't know, this is one of Wheezy's hand stand videos that is on his secret 2nd channel called wheezynews. So subscribe to this one if you are a Wheezy fan. Or don't. That'll just mean more wheezy for the rest of us.

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